Kelly Kenoyer

Kelly is the news intern for Eugene Weekly and writes for the Guardian. An international writer and storyteller, she's interested in immigration, refugees, and activism.
Eugene Weekly

Call for Downtown Homeless Shelter

The presence of the homeless in downtown Eugene has long been a contentious issue. But the idea of sheltering the unhoused in the heart of the city instead of trying to drive them out has not received much attention. The majority of shelter options are in other areas, particularly in Ward 7, home to the Whiteaker, Trainsong, River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods. On Monday, Nov. 14, the Eugene City Council decided to expand the Rest Stop Program into every ward in the city, creating six new

Something in the air: racism and the environment

It has been five years since Josefina Cano found out what was causing her family’s health problems and allergies, but she has yet to escape it. In her quiet cul-de-sac in west Eugene, Cano can consistently smell something odd in the air. A short walk away from her little home places her by a highway with manufacturing buildings and processing plants across the street. The stench is pungent and constant; the smell of paint, diesel, and car exhaust mix in the winter air in a horrific medley that coats the entire neighborhood.

April showers can’t stop the May Wildflower Festival

Oregonian music fills the air, along with rain. But Eugene natives don’t mind getting soaked to attend the Mount Pisgah Flower Festival. With 12 craft booths, seven bands, seven food and drink booths and seven plant stands, the festival is the place to be for hippies, hipsters, and gardeners alike. “It’s a significant fundraiser for us,” said Brad Van Appel, the executive director of the arboretum. “But the mushroom festival is bigger. This is more of an educational and community building event."

Refugees in Europe

“My cousin died right next to me.” Sitting in a cafe in Segovia, Spain, Benachar Hadjsmail’s eyes grow distant from the lively surroundings of chatting tourists and canned pop music. He goes by Ismael here for the sake of his Spanish friends, but right now his mind is elsewhere- the street where his cousin died more than 7 years ago. “I told the police the name of the person who killed my cousin, and then the police said ‘you can’t say anything, you can’t confess anything about this, stay quiet’,” Ismael says. A friend of his friend, a police officer, told him he would be arrested or murdered if he stayed in his hometown. So he ran.

Erb’s Herb Garden

As head chef and kitchen manager of the Erb Memorial Union kitchens at the University of Oregon, Margaret Hoff has her work cut out for her.  “I teach people how to cook every day,” she says.  Despite her busy schedule, Hoff has managed to piece together an herb garden in the middle of the EMU.  The Erb Memorial Garden is located in a small, open-air patio next to the food court.  In this greenhouse-like location, a wide variety of herbs and edible plants grow from barrels and bark chips.  The g
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