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Oaks Park Has a New Roller Coaster! I Rode It Again and Again and Again!

I grew up as an adrenaline junkie. My dad, despite being an emergency doctor who should probably know better, loves doing dangerous stunts on snowboards and surfboards, blowing things up with fireworks, and, of course, riding epic roller coasters. Oregon doesn’t have many options for the latter, but we made do by blasting off on the crazy slingshot ride at the state fair every summer and otherwise exposing ourselves to significant potential for harm. My best memories with him include the day we spent at Great America in California on every roller coaster we could find, riding adrenaline highs through heat and long lines. So when I found out there’s was new roller coaster at Oaks Park, I was on it.

A Decade Later, The First Beer Oakshire Ever Made Remains a Classic

For over a decade, brothers Jeff and Chris Althouse have made Oakshire a fixture of Eugene. Oakshire's flagship brew is the first beer they ever made, a crowd-pleasing amber ale that makes a perfect six-pack for parties. Jeff Althouse takes pride in that amber's versatility. "It's a little bit roasty, it's a little bit biscuity, there's a little bit of citrus flavor from the hops. But it's super approachable and works for everybody," he says. "Different flavors come out with different food pairings."

Best Bar

I used to live right across the street from The Pint Pot Public House, and although I don’t miss the crappy student housing I had, I do miss that homey little spot. Pint Pot’s regulars and bartenders are always friendly and helpful and down for some banter. Those who love whiskey can enjoy a comprehensive tasting list divided among countries of origin (you can probably guess which countries). I’m more of a cocktail and beer gal myself, and Pint Pot always pleases with stiff mixed drinks, inclu

The 20-Second Hug

I sat down with some long-wed locals, Jim and Beth Weldy, to get some relationship advice and see if I’m on the right track in my own relationship. The Weldys emanate love for each other with every small movement and titter of laughter. Jim Weldy makes a pun, causing Beth to giggle. Beth Weldy emphasizes points in her stories with gentle pats on Jim’s forearm. They lean in towards each other almost unconsciously as they speak, their knees close together under the table as they sip hot cocoa.

The Freshman Survival Guide

You’re done with your parents, done with high school, and now bursting onto the college campus, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, acting aloof but trying to make friends. Maybe you’re nervous and hiding in your dorm while you read this, or maybe you’ve decided to take on a whole new identity since you’ve moved to a new state. Whatever you’re thinking, let me be your guide to the trappings of life at University of Oregon. As a recently graduated senior, I can help you through the highs and lows of freshman year.

Cricket Munching Game Makers

The image of gamers hanging out with pizza is a pretty standard one, but you usually don’t see crickets as the pizza topping. At the Cricket Dare game jam Friday-Sunday, July 28-30, game developers built games at Fertilab Thinkubator, a coworking space in downtown Eugene. The theme of the jam was “crickets are good” thanks to a sponsorship by Craft Crickets, a local cricket farm that sells the insects as eco-friendly protein for human consumption.

Confessions of a Millennial Hoarder (Satire)

I have exactly 1,476 trophies, and I adore every single one of them. I have participation awards from every sports team I’ve been on since kindergarten, eighth-place trophies for speech and debate tournaments, and my well-loved third-place medal for a watermelon-eating competition from third grade. These trophies are accolades of achievement, representing who I am and all that I’ve done in life. Now that I’m an adult at the ripe age of 22, I’m starting to run out of room on my many shelves fo