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Cricket Munching Game Makers

The image of gamers hanging out with pizza is a pretty standard one, but you usually don’t see crickets as the pizza topping. At the Cricket Dare game jam Friday-Sunday, July 28-30, game developers built games at Fertilab Thinkubator, a coworking space in downtown Eugene. The theme of the jam was “crickets are good” thanks to a sponsorship by Craft Crickets, a local cricket farm that sells the insects as eco-friendly protein for human consumption.

The Birthing Debate | Ethos Magazine

Midwifery is considered by many to be a natural alternative for mothers who perceive hospital births as antiseptic and impersonal. A home birth holds appealing familiarity and sense of comfort. Since a midwife maintains a relationship with the mother for their entire pregnancy, the midwife has plenty of time to adapt to the birthing situation and help the mother have a natural birth. However, recent deaths like that of Bethany Reed’s daughter in 2011 have placed blame on unregistered midwives doing home births. This incident, and several other similar cases, has called many safety standards into question and brought about talks of licensure for midwives.
Eugene Weekly

Confessions of a Millennial Hoarder (Satire)

I have exactly 1,476 trophies, and I adore every single one of them. I have participation awards from every sports team I’ve been on since kindergarten, eighth-place trophies for speech and debate tournaments, and my well-loved third-place medal for a watermelon-eating competition from third grade. These trophies are accolades of achievement, representing who I am and all that I’ve done in life. Now that I’m an adult at the ripe age of 22, I’m starting to run out of room on my many shelves fo